Drugs and Narcotics Traffickers at Kullu Manali: Growing Menace || కులూమనాలీ డ్రగ్స్ రాజధానని తెలుసా


Drugs and Narcotics Traffickers at Kullu Manali: Growing Menace – The Truth! Kullu Manali Behind The Drugs Supply In India – కులూమనాలీ డ్రగ్స్ రాజధాని అని మీకు తెలుసా – With Subtitles

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Manali: Like Goa, Delhi and Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh has also turned into a major attraction for foreign tourists. Sadly, far more than its outstanding geography, people and culture, the tourist influx reveals a deadly narcotic nexus. An increasing number of localities are falling prey to this business and drug addiction.

In Himachal Pradesh the growing narcotics menace has gripped a good number of young people in Kullu, Manali, Mandi and Shimla. The narcotics trade is assuming horrific shape in Kullu where a large numbers of tourists, mostly Israelis, pour in every year.

Nearly 5,00,000 international tourists visit Himachal Pradesh each year and they move about in different parts of the state. Most popular destinations are Shimla, Kullu, Manali, and Dharamshala.

With cannabis plants abundantly growing in the wild in many parts of the state, many tourists are attracted to the state for the easy availability of marijuana. A trade in narcotics has grown and has encouraged the local cultivator to illicitly grow contraband crops of poppy or cannabis illegally for earning easy money.

Most of the cannabis and poppy cultivation is done in the remote villages of Kullu, Chuhar valley of Mandi and the upper reaches of Chamba, where many of the village folk have simply abandoned cultivation of other crops.

Opium cultivation has led to a gloomy transformation and has become a harbor for drug peddlers, who freely trade and use cocaine, brown sugar, smack, and other narcotics. Worse, the situation is becoming alarming as the peddlers, which include foreigners, are even targeting school children and college going students.

In Kullu valley, charas peddling has been noticed in close vicinity to Government Senior Secondary Schools and High Schools at Manali, Kullu, Mohal, Bajaura, Bhuntar, Katrain and Banjar.

Often found near schools and colleges are used silver foils, cigarette butts and sticks used for taking brown sugar and smack. Drugs and narcotics are said to be easily available at Akhara Bazar, Durganagar, Lower Dhalpur, Upper Sultanpur and Shishamatil localities. Medicines like Alprazomen, Engzit and Axinil, used for narcotic purposes, are available without prescriptions at Kullu, Bhuntar, Manali and other places.

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