Hide These Things Even With Your Wife – As Told By Chanakya | ఈ విషయాలు సొంత వారికైనా చెప్పకూడదు |CC


Hide These Things Even With Your Wife – As Told By Chanakya – ఈ విషయాలు సొంత వారికైనా చెప్పకూడదు – With Subtitles

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Acharya Chanakya, who is known to be a man of great tactics indeed made great contributions and was instrumental in changing the course of Indian history.

During his lifetime -which lasted 350–283 BCE- he was an adviser, strategist, author and politician. His thoughts on various subjects prove to be beneficial if adopted by people even today.

He has written a lot about things that people discuss with others. However, according to him, there are four things, that a man should never share with anyone. People who share these things remain in difficulty forever.

अर्थनाशं मनस्तापं गृहिणीचरितानि च।
नीचवाक्यं चाऽपमानं मतिमान्न प्रकाशयेत्।।

The first thing according to Chanakya that men should refrain from telling anyone is about money loss. If you are facing a financial problem in life and dealing with it is difficult or any kind of money related issue, never discuss it with anyone. This is because when people come to know about your money problem, they will never help you and even if they show their support, it is not genuine.

The poor people in the society are never helped with money and this has to be remembered always.

The second thing that has to be kept as a secret always according to Chanakya is the personal problems. Chanakya says, that people who share their personal problems with others are always laughed upon. People make fun of their lives and situation.

The third thing that needs to be kept as a secret is the character of one’s wife. Wise men are those who keep everything about their wife a secret. Men who talk about their wives all the time, tend to blabber unwanted things in front of people that need not be shared.

This results in bad consequences later on.

The fourth thing that should always remain as a secret is one’s insult by down trodden. If you share such an incident with anyone, people will make fun of you and laugh at you. This will eventually harm your pride and ego.

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