Lord Hanuman’s Birth Place Found!!! || హనుమంతుడు పుట్టిన ప్రదేశం దొరికింది || With Subtitles


Lord Hanuman’s Birth Place Found!!! || హనుమంతుడు పుట్టిన ప్రదేశం దొరికింది || With Subtitles

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Anjaneri is a scenic village with mythological importance and spectacular history. From Anjaneri village, it takes about one and half hour to reach the plateau of Anjaneri. This path leads to a magnificent trekking adventure through diverse sceneries of Anjaneri Lake, caves, waterfalls, Healing Lake etc.

Anjaneri Mountain, around 20 km from Nasik, near Trimbakeshwar, is the birthplace of Hindu God Hanuman. A temple dedicated to Anjani, mother of Hanuman is located here. The temple attracts more than 100, 000 devotees during Hanuman Jayanti. The place also attracts large crowd on Tuesdays and Saturdays.The temple is located in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges and is around 20 km from Nashik. The temple is near Trimbakeshwar.

It takes only 10 minutes to reach the temple of Anjani Mata from the plateau. This temple is quite big. You can see two different ways at a certain distance from Anjani Mata temple; one way to the left hand side that takes you to Seeta cave in 10 minutes. There are two rooms in this cave where almost 10 to 12 people can stay comfortably. There are many beautiful carvings inside Seeta cave. The other way takes you to Citadel, where you can see one more temple of Lord Hanuman and Anjani Mata. It takes 20 minutes to reach this temple.Anjani Temple is built in stone and is situated 4,200 ft above sea level.The right way ahead of the Anjani Mata temple leads directly to the citadel of Anjaneri fort in 20 mins. Here one more big temple of Anjani Mata can be seen. The overall area of Anjaneri is vast.

The place is surrounded by mountain ranges, forests and green landscapes . “Anjaneri” is derived from the fact that God Hanuman is son of Anjani mata, the wife of Pavan. Anjaneri fort is one of the important forts in Trimbakeshwar range.It is located in the beautiful and hilly terrain of Anjaneri Hills-part of the Sahyadri Range in the state of Maharashtra.The 400 meters drive through the Anjaneri village is bound to remind visitors of the state of most Indian village roads. It is quite patchy with many ups and downs, indicative of the nature of human existence, with its joys and sorrows juxtaposed at most times in our lives. The Hanuman Jayanti fair at Anjaneri Village is famous for jatra (procession) and wrestling. A 10 minutes walk from the temple to the left side takes one to the Sita Cave, another place associated with Ramayan.

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