Mind Blowing And Unbelievable Anti Rape Devices For Women Safety | అత్యచారలని అపే వింత వస్తువులు |CC


Mind Blowing And Unbelievable Anti Rape Devices For Women Safety – అత్యచారలని అపే వింత వస్తువులు – With Subtitles

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Anti-Rape Devices

From an anti-rape Condom to anti-rape Bra, check out these crazy anti-rape devices to fight rapists.

Anti-Rape Condom

Being a rapist just got a whole lot more dangerous. A condom called Rape-Axe, an anti-rape condom to be worn by women, comes with jagged teeth that will dig into your attacker’s sensitive area when they try to force themselves on a victim. Argh!

Invented by Dr. Sonette Ehlers, the contraption isn’t meant to simply wound. Instead, it tears deep into the skin and affixes itself, requiring medical attention in order to be removed. Yes, rapists will now have to visit a doctor and expose themselves as such, lest they risk permanently damaging their members trying to pry it out themselves.

FemDefence Tampon

Anita Ingmarsdotter, a Swedish woman, has patented an anti-rape device called FemDefence. The basic idea is that the woman carries the protective device in her vagina. It contains a sharp pin which has a penetrating effect on the perpetrator’s penis in the event of a rape. The construction is such that the pin still cannot injure the bearer.

According to Gizmodo, the FemDefence tampon isn’t real; it’s just a concept design to provoke discussion.

The Injector

In a strange way, one might consider Ira Sherman a sort of modern day Renaissance man…with a twist. In Ira’s more recent work he has been exploring what he calls “Impenetrable Devices” that are, in reality, anti-rape devices. One of these pieces, entitled “The Injector,” features two pneumatic syringes which inject tattoo dye and sedatives into a rapist. This stops the sexual predator instantaneously, and permanently tattoos him for positive identification.

His inspiration for the anti-rape devices comes from interviews he had with five victims of sexual assault who were trying to regain a sense of physical safety. What they wanted, Sherman said, was body armour.

Anti-Molestation Jacket

Two students at India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, Nishant Priya and Shahzad Ahmadat, designed an “anti-molestation jacket” that discharges 110 volts of electricity when it detects unwanted advances. The coat, available in both denim and acrylic, uses the concept of a stun gun and is activated by a button which will momentarily stun and knock out an aggressor. The main idea of the jacket is to catch the offender off-guard and incapacitate him.

The device was reportedly created in 2004, though it is still awaiting a patent.

Killer Tampon

An early prototypical anti-rape female tampon was invented in late 2000 by 72-year-old Jaap Haumann, a South African man, for the purpose of preventing rape. The “killer tampon” sported a guillotine blade attached to a hollow cylinder which, if sprung, decapitates any intruding penile head.

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