Mysterious Village Where Dangerous Snake Bite Is Harmless For Humans || అక్కడ పాము కరిచినా ఏమీ కాదట


Mysterious Village Where Dangerous Snake Bite Is Harmless For Humans – అక్కడ పాము కరిచినా ఏమీ కాదట – with subtitles

Nagenahalli is a village in Chennagiri taluk in Davangere district of the Karnataka state. This village is situated about 50km from Davangere. It is village that unfolds surprising picture of cobras. People who enter the village will have no fear of death from cobra bites. Cobras are seen in almost all the houses. People living in this village have no fear of snake bites. Name of the village itself means, The Cobra Village. Co-existence of cobras and the villagers is an amazing factor. Also can be called as a challenge for modern day science.

Many times people get bitten by the poisonous cobra. But they never go to a doctor for treatment. Nothing happens to them unless they cross the borders of this village. If after a cobra bite person leaves the village, death is inevitable. Whoever gets bitten by a cobra, first visits the nearby Lord Hanuman temple. Takes the holy water as theertham and stays at the temple for that day and until next morning. Besides this, they are no special medications or first aid treatments. The legend widely told over here is as follows:

Yateeshwara swamy was a saint. The Saint was a Lord Hanuman devotee. He always went house to house and begged for food. He used to stay at the Hanuman Temple. The curse of Yateeshwara swamy is the reason why people do not die when a cobra bites, in this village.

The story of the Saint Yateeshwara swamy is interesting. He went begging one day, to the nearby village. He found a newborn baby amongst the bushes. It was a boy. The Sadhu was moved by the sight. He could not leave the child alone. He took the child and brought up with utmost affection.

One day, when the Sadhu was out, begging for food, the 12 year old boy was bit by a cobra. When Sadhu returned to the place, he saw the dead body of the boy. He was filled with anger and grief. He had powers gained through meditation. He stood up to curse Nagendra, Lord of the Snake Kingdom. When he was about to curse the entire snake family, Nagendra appeared before him. He begged Yateeshwara to spare the snake family and not to curse them. Also restored life into the child’s body.

Then, Sadhu reduced the curse just to make the snake poison ineffective and when they are only within Nagenahalli village limits. Nagendra agreed to this. Sadhu marked the village limits with 4 stones in all the four directions with inscriptions on it. To this day, due to the curse, cobra poison becomes ineffective when they stay within village limits. Follow our video for a detailed projection of the above legend of Nagenahalli.

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