Other World Kingdom Mind Blowing Facts Where Men Are Treated As Slaves | అక్కడ మగవారే బానిసలు | CC


Other World Kingdom Mind Blowing Facts Where Men Are Treated As Slaves – అక్కడ మగవారే బానిసలు – With Subtitles

The Other World Kingdom (abbreviated OWK) was a large, commercial BDSM and femdom facility, resort, and micronation, which opened in 1996 using the buildings and grounds of a 16th-century chateau located in the municipality of Černá in Žďár nad Sázavou District, Czech Republic. Although not recognized by any other country, it maintained its own currency, passports, police force, courts, state flag and state hymn.

The OWK styled itself as a matriarchy, where women rule. It also had strong BDSM and female dominance themes. The state’s goal “is to get as many male creatures under the unlimited rule of Superior Women on as much territory as possible.” The OWK had always billed itself as a state; it was, however, a private for profit enterprise with no connection to, nor sanctioning by, any recognized sovereign state.

The OWK was supposedly ruled by Queen Patricia I, an absolute monarch whose coronation took place on May 30 and 31, 1997. She was able to amend laws and other legal issues. Her other roles include “Sublime Supreme Administrator” (“supervision over all activities within the Area and the Office of the Supreme Administrator”), “Sublime Administrator of the Treasury” (Financial issues) and of the Queen’s court and the Queen’s guard.

Below the Queen was a series of different classes. The first was the “Sublime Ladies” or “Ladies citizens,” who form the Kingdom’s nobility. To become a citizen, a woman had to fulfill certain criteria. These were:

The woman must have reached the age of consent.

The ownership of at least one male slave.

Obeying the principles and laws of the OWK.

Sending an application for citizenship.

Spending at least five nights in the Area of Queen’s Palace.

The next class was the Queen’s subjects. These were men who followed OWK law, obey the Queen and pay her taxes, but have some rights such as “freedom to travel, own property and deal with such property, have children, change employment, enterprise and state his opinion.” The lowest class is the “Slave” class. This was a male class who have forfeited all rights, are property of the Queen or Sublime Ladies and are considered to be “on the level of a normal farm animal”.

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