Sankalpam (1957) Telugu Full Length Movie – NTR, Vijayalakshmi, Rajanala


Watch Sankalpam (1957) Telugu Full Length Movie.

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Starring NTR, Kusuma, L. Vijayalakhmi, Rajanala, Relangi, Ramana Reddy among others. This movie is directed by CV Ranganatha Dasu. Music of the film composed by Susarla Dakshina Murthy.

Story :

Raghu (N.T.Rama Rao) is a theif. He is also very irresponsible and craeless abouit his life. He is married to his maternal uncle’s daughter Laxmi. But he has been arrested by the police immediately after the marriage. Laxmi and his father are very much worried and Laxmi’s father dies unexpectedly. Laxmi’s elder brother refuses to take care of her. So Sankharam (Relangi) who is like brother to Laxmi takes care of her and sets /raghu free from the prison. But Raghu doesn’t change his attitude. He continues to do mistakes and has again been arrested. Meanwhile, Laxmi gives birth to a boy. Due to Raghu’s irresponsible attitude, he had been kept in prison for six years. Due to which he was not able to see his son grow and is unaware weel being of his wife. Will Raghu rte unite with his wife and child. What are all the problems Laxmi and Raghu has to face meanwhile, forms the rest of the story of Sankalpam.

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