The Dangerous Village Of Witchcraft In India || తర తరాలుగా చేతబడి చేస్తున్న గ్రామం || With Subtitles


The Dangerous Village Of Witchcraft In India – తర తరాలుగా చేతబడి చేస్తున్న గ్రామం – With Subtitles

Mayong or Mayang, also known as the Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft, is a village in Morigaon district, Assam, India. It lies on the bank of the river Brahmaputra, approximately 40 km from the city of Guwahati. Once considered the cradle of black magic in India, Mayong is a tourist attraction because of its history.

The origins of the name may be based on any of several sources including the Sanskrit word Maya (illusion), the Dimasa word for an elephant (Miyong), or from maa for Mother Shakti and ongo meaning part. Some believe that Manipuris from the Moirang clan used to inhabit this area therefore; the name Moirang became Mayhong with time.

Mayong along with Pragjyotishpura (the ancient name of Assam) find place in many mythological epics, including the Mahabharata. Chief Ghatotkacha of Kachari Kingdom took part in The Great Battle of Mahabharata with his magical powers. It was also said about the Mayong that the saints of black magic and the witches take shelter in mayong forest till now. According to recently published article on Mayong – Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft – Many tales of men disappearing into thin air, people being converted into animals, or beasts being magically tamed, have been associated with Mayong. Sorcery and magic were traditionally practiced and passed down over generations.

According to history, Narabali or human sacrifices were carried out in connection with the worship of Shakti till the early modern period. Excavators had recently dug up swords and other sharp weapons that resembled tools used for human sacrifice in other parts of the country. The swords resemble ones used for human sacrifice other parts of India, suggesting that human sacrifice may have occurred in the Ahom era in Mayong.

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