Top 5 Most Dangerous Waters In The World || మృత్యుకూపాలుగా మారిన 5 జల ప్రదేశాలు || With Subtitles


Top 5 Most Dangerous Waters In The World || మృత్యుకూపాలుగా మారిన 5 జల ప్రదేశాలు || With Subtitles



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The world is 70 percent water, so it’s probably a good thing that the stuff is good for us. We can drink it, swim in it, grow food with it, and just plain live because of it. However, certain bodies of water are shockingly mean to us. Interacting with some lakes and rivers can hurt us, make us sick, or even kill us.

Rio Tinto is among the most acidic bodies of water around, with a pH balance of 2, at best. This means the Rio Tinto is as strong as stomach acid and is more than powerful enough to kill any fish that dare swim in it. Most likely, it would do the same to humans. Rio Tinto’s “acid trip” is caused by bacteria as well as iron that has dissolved into the water over the years. Similar occurrences have been found on Mars, prompting scientists to wonder if Rio Tinto has something to offer in the quest for life on the Red Planet. While that may just be a pipe dream based on both places being red, there’s no question that, much like an angry grizzly bear, Rio Tinto is both beautiful and something you should never ever touch.

Here we have a body of water that can destroy us, but only because we screwed it up. Citarum River might well be the most polluted, trash-filled bit of water on the planet. Thanks to more than 500 factories that line the river, plus the area’s lack of trash collection or modern plumbing, the river has filled with waste and rubbish to the point where you can barely see the water. And this is the area’s main water supply! Locals use this river for drinking, bathing, and even boiling food. Suffice to say, they put their health and lives on the line every time. But sadly, they don’t have a choice. They made their bed, and now they must lie in it—literally, since the trash is so thick you could probably sleep on it.

Like a supermodel with a bomb strapped underneath her bodice, Russia’s Lake Karachay is pristine, gorgeous, and incredibly deadly. It is, without question, the most radioactive body of water on the planet. A major dumping ground for nuclear waste until the ’90s, Karachay’s toxicity was so bad that, for a long time, you didn’t even have to touch the water for it to kill you. Simply standing on the shore for an hour or so would bombard you with 600 roentgen of radiation. Most humans die from 500 roentgen over five hours, for comparison’s sake.Russia is attempting to solve the issue by dumping massive amounts of concrete into the lake in order to absorb the radiation and keep it away from the surface and shore. It appears to be working, and tests on downstream waters have revealed little to no radiation at all. Maybe in another 500 years, our great-great-great-grandkids can have a pool party there. Maybe.

Though the only thing most people know about the Potomac is that Washington, DC is situated on it, the legendary river can also be associated with something else: horrible deaths. The area between Great Falls and Chain Bridge forms a series of rapids and waterfalls that send their victims spiraling downward for almost an entire 1.5 kilometers (1 mi). If that’s not enough, the river’s strongest currents are actually underwater, so if you get sucked down, you stay down.Around six people die each year at the Potomac, and many more risk their lives simply by playing near or around it. It’s gotten so bad that the local officials have launched a campaign to warn the public, featuring the most blunt and straightforward message we’ve heard in years: “If you enter the river, you will die.

Divers thrive off the thrill of exploring all the underwater caverns the world’s vast oceans have to offer. However, there are many waters that can cost even the most experienced diver their life, including:

Harsh environments
Aggressive marine life
Disorienting depths

While everyone’s familiar with the more common threats that come with swimming in the ocean, some waters present unparalleled peril.

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