Top 5 Terrifying Traditions Targeted On Women | ప్రపంచంలో ఆడవారిపై అమలు చేసే 5 భయంకర ఆచారాలు With CC


Top 5 Terrifying Traditions Targeted On Women – ప్రపంచంలో ఆడవారిపై అమలు చేసే 5 భయంకర ఆచారాలు – With CC



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5 Horrifying Practices Still Forced On Women Around The World. The 5 Most Bizarre Cultural Beauty Practices in the World…

Throughout history, we’ve had a natural tendency to define our diverse cultures with vibrant rituals and practices, some of which have persisted into the modern era (like birthdays).

Unfortunately and especially in underdeveloped countries, many of these traditions are violent and come at the expense of women. With so much technological and social progress, one would think we’ve moved past these sorts of things. But once you see the list in the video, you’ll realize the human race still has a long way to go.

Teeth chiseling of female Mentawaians in Sumatra

In the Mentawai tribe of Sumatra, certain groups believe women are more attractive and have an improved connection between their body and soul when they have pointed teeth. Because of this, their teeth are chiseled into points using a sharp knife.

Wearing rings to have a giraffe’s neck in Thailand

For Thailand’s Karen tribe, long neck is a standard set for beauty and they go through a lot of pain to achieve it. Women from the tribe wear rings around their neck, almost like neck braces, but permanent. Girls start wearing rings around their necks as early as when they turn five-years-old and keep adding more rings as they grow up. A life full of restricted neck movement and for what? For long necks other people ‘think’ are ‘beautiful’.

Ancient Wealthy Community in China

The ancient Chinese practice of foot-binding, believed to have started around the 10th century, has long been abolished. However, there was a time when Chinese women underwent this painful practice to remould the bones of their feet into the customary size of three to five inches, by binding them. These ‘lotus feet’ were believed to be the beautiful symbols of status and wealth in society.

Mursi and Surma Tribes, Africa

Worn in the lower lip, the clay lip plate is the defining image of women across the Mursi and Surma tribes in Africa. As soon as the girls of the community hit puberty, their two lower front teeth are removed and a hole is pierced in the bottom lip that is then stretched out to accommodate the lip plate. The size of the lip plate gradually increases over the years, as they believe that larger the plate and lip, the more beautiful the woman is.

These bizarre beauty practices may seem alarming at first glance, but we need to remember that they represent exquisite traditions and beliefs of ethnicities across the world. Pack your bags and head to these places to explore the unique cultures that call them home.

Whenever it comes to rituals and women, it hasn’t gone very well for the latter. While different societies treat women differently, in most part of history and even in the current times, women have been long opressed and dominated in the name of rituals, customs and traditions.

Often subjected to merciless torture and agony, women have suffered and are suffering in the name of some extremely oddball rituals.

Cultures have long defined feminine beauty in different ways and women have played a huge role in propagating and abiding by these beauty practices. For them, these ideals are a way of feeling accepted and appreciated in their societies. However, you would be surprised to know the extent to which they can go for this acceptance. Here is a list of nine cultures across the world that have the most bizarre beauty practices, especially for their women.

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