Unbelievable Facts – India Vs Rest Of The World || మన పూర్వికులు కనుగొన్న నేటి ఆధునిక శాస్త్రం || CC


Unbelievable Facts – India Vs Rest Of The World || మన పూర్వికులు కనుగొన్న నేటి ఆధునిక శాస్త్రం || With Subtitles

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Scientists Owe to Vedas

The only purpose of these scientists was to earn fame, name and money – while stealing bits of information from Vedas.

It was 19th century, after colonializing India for several decades, westerners got hold of nuances of Vedas at surface level. They understood a bit about powerful knowledge that Vedas had. They also were able to grasp Hindi and Sanskrit language due to long stay in India. Vedas had free information, as it was heritage of mankind for the development of human race – to rise to the higher planets – devoid of wicked materialistic traits. Westerners were never used to free knowledge in their home countries. Any kind of knowledge was envisioned from commercial point of view, secrets were kept under wraps so that the idea can be milked for longer time. When they found great knowledge of Vedas – that too powerful yet free, they were up for grabs. These fools were so astonished that in a bid to earn name and fame in shorter possible time; they hurriedly translated Vedas in their own languages without fully knowing their meanings and main purpose. That is the reason why most of the modern scientific principles fails on the parameters of original source of Vedic principles, these cannot be validated by the Vedas. Some of the known scientists/inventors that mis-construed Vedas for personal gain are given below:

Exploration with the help of Vedas

Earth and her continents with size, distance, features and their prosperities were always detailed in Vedas. As an example, let us look at the naming of the very continents of North and South America. Both great land masses were well populated and existed long, long before they were “discovered” by Columbus when the Italian explorer first landed on Watling Island in 1492.

Shankhdvip (conch shaped island) in Vedas is today called Africa. one of these great continents would soon be named for Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Similarly, to this day borrowed “discoveries” are still appropriated in all branches of science. Refer the images below for the shape and distance of 9 continents, khand, mentioned in Vedas. India is still known as Bharat Varsha by Sanskrit pandits. Though Bharath Varsha or India that we all today know is just small part of rest of the hidden Bharath Varsha – that cannot be found or roamed with basic human features we have, we need to elevate our consciousness to highest level, rising our kundalini, and becoming creator (shiva) by enlarging our pineal gland while chanting mahamantras with meditation while practicing celibacy.

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