Unknown And Terrifying Facts About Dubai | దుబాయ్ గురించి మీకు తెలియని భయంకర నిజాలు | With Subtitles


Unknown And Terrifying Facts About Dubai | దుబాయ్ గురించి మీకు తెలియని భయంకర నిజాలు | With Subtitles

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Facts You Didn’t Know About Dubai

Yes, I know that most of these things are obvious if you lived in Dubai during the last decade. However, this article is specifically for those who have never been to Dubai but want to know more about it. If your time is that important to the survival of the human race, feel free to just skim the video. If you enjoy or find this useful encourage me to make more by subscribing my channel…

Prostitution & Hooker Streets

Despite the strict rules about ‘displays of public affection’ there are areas that always have a supply of prostitutes, “Couples who publicly kiss are jailed, yet the state turns a blind eye to 30,000 imported prostitutes”.


For those who do not know what Ramadan is, it’s a holy month for Muslims where people refrain from eating/drinking during daylight hours, some interesting points about Ramadan:

-Companies are legally obliged to reduce working days by two hours during Ramadan for muslim AND non-muslim workers. Pretty cool.

-It is illegal to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours. It’s not highly enforced but if somebody saw you eating and called the cops, you will be fined heavily.

-Mosques offer free Iftar meals to basically anyone during the month, also you do not have to be a muslim to take advantage of that!

-No matter in which part of Dubai you are in, you will hear calls to prayer at least five times a day. Even in shopping malls, the calls to prayer are put out over the speakers, to remind Muslims that it is time to pray.

Driving & Cars

-Speeding is Dubai’s national sport, Seriously! You will understand when you come here.

-Dubai has one of the best road networks in the world in terms of quality.. However,

-Driving can be very very scary at times. Just to compare: UAE has six times more deaths from road traffic accidents per year than the USA & Europe. SIX TIMES! and here is an exert from a study done on this traffic accidents in the UAE: “Careless driving is identified as the most important factor in RTAs over the period of study, accounting for over 35% of all incidents, while excessive speed was the second most common cause.”

-There is no exotic car/super car/conceptual car that is hard to find in Dubai.

-It is very normal for some people to get stuck in traffic congestion for hours every single day they go to work.


I dont think there is any country that has zero racism but in UAE its much worst, as much as people hate to admit it, your passport pretty much determines your salary. It goes something like this:
High Salary: North-American/European
Mid-range: Arabic, East-Asia
Low-range: South Asia
So a German doing the same job as a person from Nepal could be paid twice as much.

And more of such facts are projected in my video. Please go throuh it, like and share the same if you feel it informative…

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