Unsolved Mystery Of China Great Pyramid – ఈజిప్టులోనే కాదు చైనాలోనూ అతిపెద్ద పిరమిడ్ ఉంది


unsolved mystery Of China Pyramid – ఈజిప్టులోనే కాదు చైనాలోనూ అతిపెద్ద పిరమిడ్ ఉంది

In 1920, historian Henri Cordier wrote: “China’s ancient past is denied both to us and its population. Its grand past is slowly unveiled, similar to how Egypt’s was revealed. Later on, one learned of buildings, standing stones and other monuments that were not mentioned by the Chinese historians (as part of their history).” The largest country in the world was, and is, largely there to be discovered. Though accepted as a great civilisation, its ancient treasures were barely known. One rumour spoke about pyramids that could be found in desolate areas.
One such pyramid was photographed in 1947 by Col. Maurice Sheehan from a DCS airplane. His story was printed in The New York Times in March of the same year. Sheehan stated it rose to about 300 metres, its sides 450 metres long. The next day, the Los Angeles Daily Express ran Sheehan’s photograph. But a few days later, the Associated Press received a letter from the authorities of the province of Nankin, stating “the existence of such pyramids is not backed up by evidence”. That press release discredited Sheehan’s story, as most authors and researchers believed Sheehan had exaggerated. French author Patrick Ferryn stated: “the photographs do not reveal any markings that would allow us to measure the true dimensions. Its height was probably an incorrect estimate. It is probably a burial vault; it definitely looks like one.”
The 1950s and ‘60s had shown the world the existence of many ‘ritual platforms’ and ‘artificial hills’ in China, identical to pyramids in appearance except in terminology. ‘Pyramids’ have a magical appeal to many. Bruce Cathie also became interested in the Chinese pyramids and wrote on the subject in The Bridge to Infinity. Cathie reported that a member of the Chinese Embassy had officially informed him there were no such things as pyramids in the Shensi province: “There are a few tumuli (burial hills), but no pyramids. “ He knew nothing about the existence of pyramids in China.

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