Untold Historical Facts Behind 7 Hills Of Tirumala || ఏడు కొండల వెనుక అసలు చరిత్ర మీకు తెలుసా? || CC


Untold Historical Facts Behind 7 Hills Of Tirumala || ఏడు కొండల వెనుక అసలు చరిత్ర మీకు తెలుసా? || CC

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History of the Sacred Seven Hills of Lord Venkateswara, Tirumala


There are many legends associated with the sacred seven hills and the Lord resting atop the Hills here. The legends are so inter-twined as it seems one cannot distinguish and separate the Lord from the sacred seven hills. These hills are said to have waited for the Lord for thousands and thousands of years. Some of these stories are highlighted here.

Accordingly to Hindu mythology and legends, foundation to the Tirumala Hills can be traced back to Treta yuga, i.e. during Lord Ram’s existence on earth. When Ravana takes away Sita from the forest, Lord Agni (God of fire) intervenes and takes Sita away from him in exchange for one Vedavati, once the staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. Vedavati wanted to become wife of Lord Srimannarayana and to achieve this end, she goes into forests and starts meditating when she was disturbed by Ravana. Ravana, astonished to see the beauty of Vedavati, wanted to marry her but she refuses. Ravana insists and threatens her with abduction. Having found no way to get out of this situation, Vedavati vows to cause Ravana’s downfall and death before sacrificing her life by becoming ahuti in fire. Agni, the God of Fire, saves and protects her.

Thus, when Ravana takes away Sita from the forest, Agri intervenes and sends Vedavati in place of Sita. This is said to be the reason for Lord Ram’s asking Sita (Vedavati, who is rescued from Ravana) for perfomance of Agni-Pravesh to get back Sita from Agni. Till such time, Agni protects Sita. Thus, Vedavati goes with Ravana, spends about a year in Lanka thereby becoming the reason for his downfall and death.

When Vedavati performs Agni-pravesh, Lord Agni appears and Sita is restored to Rama with gratitude.

In ancient literature Tirupathi is mentioned to as Aadhi varaaha kshetra. The prunas associate the site with Lord Varaha, one of the Avatar of Lord Vishun. The Varaha shrine is said to be older than the main sanctum of Venkateswara.

The origins of the Tirumala Hills lies in a contest between Vaayu (God of Wind) and Adisesha(the first serpent). During Dwapara Yuga, Adisesha blocked Vayu from entering Vaikuntam as Lord Vishnu was in the company of His consort, Lakshmi. An incensed Vayu challenged Adisesha to a fight to decide the stronger between them, Vayu was tasked with trying to blow off Adisesha from the Holy Meru mountain while adisesha was asked to protect the peak with his hood. After a long time, Vayu appeared to yield and Adisesha lifted his hoods assuming that he had won the contest. Vayu then blew away one of the peaks. The peak landed near the Swarnamukhi river and is currently known as Seshachalam hill. A variant to the legend is that the contest created pandemonium on earth and Brahma, Indra and other gods pleaded with Adisesha to relent. When Adisesha obliged, the peak (Ananda hill) and Adisesha were blown off Meru and landed near the banks of river Swarnamukhi. When Adisesha was dejected with his defeat, the Gods converted Adisesha into the seven hills with the hood named as Seshadri hill or Seshachalam hill or Venkatadri hill. Another variant to the story is: Adisesha, fatigued by the contest was instructed by Lord Venkateswara to rest on Earth in a place that he chose for his stay in Kali Yuga.

The seven peaks of the shrine represents seven heads of Adisesha. Tirumala is one of the 108 divya desams and seven heads are named as Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrushabadri, Narayanadri and Venkatadri.

Tirumala Seven Hills Named as…

1. Vrushabadri Hill – Hill of Nandi, Vahana of Shiva.
2. Anjanadri – Hill of Lord Hanuman.
3. Neeladri – Hill of Neela Devi.
4. Garudadri – Hill of Garuda, the vahana of Lord Vishnu.
5. Seshadri – Hill of Sesha, the dasa of Lord Vishnu.
6. Naraynadri – Hill of Narayana (Vishnu).
7. Venkatadri – Hill of Lord Venkateswara.

The sacred temple of Sri Venkateshwara is located on the seventh peak,Venkatadri, and lies on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarini.

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