World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits | ఈ పండ్లను కొనాలంటే మీఆస్తులు అమ్ముకొవల్సిందే | With Subtitles


The World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits || ఈ పండ్లను కొనాలంటే మీ ఆస్తులు అమ్ముకొవల్సిందే || With Subtitles

One of the biggest complaints that people have about eating healthy is the fact that it can be pretty expensive. Many will gripe about the fact that a double cheeseburger costs around $1 at a fast food joint, while a salad costs about six times that. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are plenty cheap, but those aren’t the fruits we are going to look at today.

Here we will see the video of top ten most expensive fruits in the world along with their approximate prices. Healthy diet always consists of fruits. People who are conscious about their diet must eat fruits. Fruits are good for healthy skin. If you want a healthy and glowing skin, you must need to eat fruits. We daily use fruits in our diet. But there are some fruits that we cannot use daily our even once in our life. There are some fruits that are expensive that a layman cannot afford. We think that a Zinger Burger that cost 2 to 3 dollars is expensive for us. But fruits and vegetables are always considered low-priced. Eatables that everyone can afford.

Today we are not going to tell you cheap fruits. We would discuss the most expensive fruits of the world. Mostly it is considered that the fruits are expensive because of their rarity in a particular area. Fruits fetched from far areas are expensive because of transportation so food prices vary accordingly. But fruits that we are going to discuss are found rare. You would not find these fruits in local areas stores. Even in an organic village you would not find these fruits. If you are inquisitive enough to buy these fruits. Then you must have to visit the areas in the world which these fruits are cultivated. Here is the list of ten most expensive fruits in the world. You would have to pay thousands of dollars to buy these fruits.

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