World’s Top 10 Restricted Places || ఈ భూమి మీద నిషేదించిన 10 ప్రదేశాలు || With Subtitles


World’s Top 10 Restricted Places – ఈ భూమి మీద నిషేదించిన 10 ప్రదేశాలు – With Subtitles

Forbidden fruit makes it all the more desirable to attain, right? Whether it’s a married woman who catches the wandering eye of a man or a piece of chocolate to a person wrought with diabetes or perhaps the deep end of a pool for a curious child who was specifically told not to tread there, we all love the thrill of having something that we’re not allowed to obtain.

This exhilaration for the forbidden feeds into the thrill of the chase for the adventurous. People who love courting danger relish in discovering things that are restricted, if only for the purpose of defying the odds and attaining them. This list of the most restricted places on earth would entice readers who love a challenge, simply to satisfy their curiosity and perhaps attempt to visit these specific places–all at their own risk of course!

Some places on the list, obtained from websites The Weather Channel and Kizaz, among others, are completely restricted to humans, while others are only accessible to government officials or royalty or the military or other persons with highfalutin titles.
There are many places on earth where people are not allowed to visit or even enter! There are quite a few restricted places around the world. The reason can be either historical in nature or due to endangerment.

Here is a list of the most restricted areas in the world. These are the places that are considered to be quite dangerous for mankind and entry is strictly confined. Please follow our video to know the Top 10 of such places…

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